The art of harvesting and processing tea is centuries old, evolving and being perfected as the years have gone by to cultivate the most delectable teas. We use these traditional manufacturing processes for our teas, reinforced with a modern scientific understanding of the process.

The first step in this process is the delicate hand-picking of the leaves; they are then left on racks to wither slowly and naturally. The leaves are then carefully rolled into the characteristic twirled shape of Keemun black tea to stimulate the natural flavonoids.

After this, they are left to slowly oxidize over time – allowing the natural polyphenols within the leaves to be oxidized by an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase. The polyphenols then combine with other polyphenols to form compounds called theaflavins, giving the leaves a bright coppery colour.

We take extra time with the withering, rolling and oxidisation processes, allowing the leaves a slow and leisurely transition to yield a more nuanced, aromatic and flavourful tea.

Finally, the leaves are dried using a firing process. This stops the oxidisation process, and turns the leaves their distinctive black colour –and seals in the subtle, smooth and delectable taste of Keemun Black Tea.