Brewing Instructions:

  1. Fill both your teapot and cup halfway with hot water to pre-heat them. Tilt them around, allowing the water to fully coat the sides. Pour the water out.
  2. Fill the teapot with hot water, heated to 85﹞C – 90﹞C . Avoid using boiled water immediately, as it will burn the leaves and provide a sub-par brew.
  3. Put 1 teaspoon (approx. 2g) of Keemun Tea Leaves into your teapot, per cup of tea desired. (100ml of water per 2g of tea leaves.)
  4. Replace the lid of the teapot and allow steeping for 3 minutes – feel free to leave it for longer should you prefer a stronger brew.

Note: You can get between 2 – 4 infusions out of each batch of leaves, allowing 30 seconds extra per added infusion. The number of infusions widely depends on your taste.

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